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These Lips Were Made For Kissin

Description : These Lips Were Made For Kissin - original oil painting by EVE SELLARS.

A sassy blonde against a teal blue wall. Red lipstick says it all.

The blonde girl is painted only using the "Zorn palette" - 4 colours: yellow ochre (light tan), red, black and white. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and purity and it creates very soft greys, apricots, pinks, and of course, skin tones. The background is a teal blue I created from mixing cobalt blue, lemon yellow, black and white.  This artwork was painted with an impressionistic style - the composition comes together as you move away from the art.
The sides of the painting have been painted black for a dramatic impact.

I am a prolific artist working full time from my studio in central Victoria, with much of my art being held in private collections around Australia, as well as exhibiting in local galleries, restaurants, and at the Victorian Artists Society in Melbourne.

These Lips Were Made For Kissin - original art by EVE SELLARS.

Like something similar? I am happy to discuss commission requests.

Eve x

NRN # : 000-40842-0198-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 51.00 cm X Width - 51.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Oil on Stretched Canvas

Genre : Contemporary

Status : For Sale


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Copyright : © Eve Sellars


Un-Framed: $550
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There's never a better time to buy original art than right now.  So, let me introduce myself.  Born into an incredibly creative family, it was natural that life lead me here; poised; brush in hand.  I use art to express my immense – well, let's say obsessive – passion for the indigenous landscape, which is easily recognised in my vibrant colourful artworks.  Luscious layers of pigment are applied with energy and spontaneity, often switching from brush to palette knife to provide additional texture and depth to my paintings.  Lately I have introduced skin tones into my art to further broaden my skills and inspiration.  

You will rarely see me paint a landscape in the traditional sense. Instead, I prefer to get up close and personal with my subject, study its form and colour, its character and its flaws, and translate this impression into something new: cropped, colourful, suggestive, and alive.

So please, sit back, browse through my portfolio, and maybe one of my paintings will find its new home.

I am a member of Victorian Artists Society, Nagambie Artists Group, and Seymour & District Art Society Inc, and an active member of the art community with paintings exhibited on a continual basis.  You can also follow my journey on social media by searching my name Eve Sellars. 

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