Artist Bio: Evan Burman

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Artist Bio - Evan Burman

By profession, I work as an urban planner and have studied a range of things including architecture, urban planning, urban design and multimedia.

I have had a natural interest and passion for photography from an early age, focusing on a variety of subjects, with urban and landscape photography being a particular interest over the years. In recent times I have focused on night-sky (and night landscape) photography and the development of technique and composition around this.

This has evolved out of a more general interest in the science behind the stars, the galaxy, the universe and the spectacular and sometimes mysterious nature of the subject. 

My photos try to convey some of the variety and experience of landscapes at night under the stars, while avoiding cliché or composite images, and all are single exposure images. 

My landscape and urban photography switches between colour and black and white - I still love the drama and mystery that black and white photos convey, even in this new world of digital photography.