Artist Bio: Donna Gibb

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Artist Bio - Donna Gibb

Donna Gibb Artist CVDonna Gibb is Australia's Live artist, and paints at exclusive events. Donna regularly has celebrities, sporting stars, and identities add to her canvas. The painting is created live on stage in just a few hours before being auctioned for charity. Her artwork has raised close to half a million dollars, with individual pieces going for uo to $30K a piece. She has painted live on Seven's Sunrise, Channel 9's Today show and CRiverfire broadcast, and Sky Channel. She has also tuaght art classes for over 25 years, where she is passionate about people painting what inspires them, and bringing out their individual style of art. Her experience has lead her to have the unique abiity to paint in a variety of genres. She has private and coroprate collectors. Most of her artwork is commissioned. 

My Influences

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Like emotions, inspiration can strike at any moment. Of course nature is a big player in my subjects. I do enjoy capturing colour, light and natural forms of landscape, insects, animals, and the ocean and all that goes with it. I have an unsaitable curiosity when it comes to finding patterns and colours that occur naturally in the world, but are hidden from the common view. As I move forward, my intention is to capture more of natures hidden gems ( think what lies beneath our deep oceans, and the patterns in geology.) in my artwork. I enjoy experimenting in a number of styles and mediums. My experience of painting live on stage and at events where I invite guests to add to my canvas, has given me the diversity of subjects and styles that has challenged me over the years, and given me confidence to paint in any style, which enables me to paint many commissioned works.Some of my inspiration!