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Thierry B


Sergio B.


Karima Baadilla


Deanne Babare


Phil Babb


Kirstie Babbage


Catherine Babidge


Tamra Babyska


Margaret Backhouse


Peter Bacos-garan


David Badcock


Bevan Badcott


Diana Badham




Olivia Baenziger


Mark Bagally (84)



Currently showing at:
The Flemington Art Show 2019


My Bio: Mark Bagally is a full-time artist living in Torquay, Victoria now pretty much devoting all his time in pursuit of oil painting along with occasionally experimenting and engaging in other artistic endeavours. His work has been descibed as "Realism". His particular passion, at the moment, is seascapes/landscapes in oil for which he is gaining some n...
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Janice Baggiere


Ian Bagnall


Dorothy Bahlmann


Lizzie Baikie


Cat Bailey


Diana Bailey


1,536 artists published: Showing artist 1 - 30