Artist Bio: Diane Rightnour

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Artist Bio - Diane Rightnour

Diane's passion for art developed at an early age. She was always drawn to the interplay of colours and the power of artistic expression.
As a self-taught artist, Diane has honed her skills through countless hours of experimentation and exploration, constantly pushing the boundaries of her artistic abilities.
Diane's artistic style can be described as dynamic and energetic, infused with a sense of beauty, joy and spontaneity. Her paintings often feature bold brushstrokes, creating a sense of movement and capturing the essence of her subjects. Whether depicting landscapes, still life, or abstract compositions, Diane's work radiates a sense of life and vitality.
Nature serves as a significant inspiration for Diane's art. She finds solace and inspiration in the beauty of the natural world, and her paintings often reflect this deep connection. Through her use of vibrant hues and textured surfaces, Diane creates immersive and emotive artworks that transport viewers into a world of colour and wonder.
Diane's artistic journey has been one of continuous growth and exploration. She regularly seeks out new techniques and approaches, constantly challenging herself to evolve as an artist. Her dedication and commitment to her craft have resulted in her work being showcased in galleries and private collections in Australia and the USA.

In 1992 Diane won the Queensland "Highland Park Unknown Artist Exhibition".

In 2023 Diane was awarded "Highly Commended" at the Frankston Rotary Art Show 2023 - Best Oil/Acrylic  category

In 2023 Diane was awarded "Second Prize" Melbourne Royal" - - Rural, Urbanscape or Seascape

In 2023 Diane was awarded "Highly Commended" Melbourne Royal -- Still Life


My Artshow Awards

Artshow: Frankston Rotary Art Show 2023
Title: The Language Of The Landscape
Award: Oil/Acrylic - Highly Commended
Artshow: Melbourne Royal Show 2023
Title: View Across The Stream - Oak Floating Frame
Award: SECOND - Rural, Urbanscape or Seascape 2D Artwork (Art Competition)
Prize: $150
Artshow: Melbourne Royal Show 2023
Title: Love Blooms
Award: HIGHLY COMMENDED - Still Life 2D Artwork (Art Competition)

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