Artist Bio: Deb Crozier

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Artist Bio - Deb Crozier

ART by Deborah Crozier

Deb Crozier is a painter of buoyant images, simultaneously lyrical and moodily seductive.  A deep love and appreciation of the world around her is portrayed in her works of the local environment, Mornington Peninsula’s natural wonderland.

Being 'present and mindful' are important practices in Deb's daily lifestyle, therefore making time to appreciate 'the moment' , especially Nature's amazing gifts of colour at the end of each day, via the magic of sunsets, which feature in her works entitled 'Sunset Series'. 

Deb is equally adept at creating something fresh, new and zany, just out of the blue or from some unusual inspiration or theme where she enjoys using a mixture of metallic and pearl-ex pigments, acrylic paint, often including house paints, creating deep layered effects through multi-media; gold and silver leaf combined with local earth, sand and flora from various locations on the Peninsula.  Together, these applications provide incredible texture and ‘spirit’.  

Most recently, Deb been inspired by friends to try and is enjoying painting with oils. 

Deb possesses a true love and respect of life, love & family – the past, present and the future.  She beholds an incredible passion, equalled by her natural creative talents for colour and co-ordination, balance and design.

FAVOURITE QUOTE : “Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists, only because I love. Everything is united by it alone.” -Leo Tolstoy

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