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NRN # : 000-36587-0136-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 810.00 cm X Width - 1200.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Other

Status : For Sale

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Copyright : © Dayse Gomes


Framed: $380
Un-Framed: $180
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I have graduated in Fine Arts in Brazil in 1992 and back there and then I had a ten year career designing prints for fabrics, working for a large textile company. I also painted as a hobby, experimenting with various mediums, pastels, watercolors, oils.

I had my first encounter with resin in the mid 90s, inspired by a local artist who manufactured amazing partitions made with resin and glass. It was love at first sight and the seed of a dream which was to be dormant for the years to come. At that time I had decided to migrate to Australia (1999) and after settling in, finding my foot financially and with a most valuable support of my husband and a friend, also an artist I slowly resumed my artistic path.

I re-started painting with acrylics mainly as a way of brushing up my skills, however the dream of working with resin gradually came back and became stronger. After s short course in 2014 I started making attempts to do crafts and paintings with resin. 

I am still learning and developing, there is a long way to go, but I am loving every inch of the path unwinding ahead of me.

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