Magical Rainforest (21 works)

Magical Rainforest by Lynn De Lacey


From the first moment I stepped into a rainforest on the East Coast of Australia, I fell passionately in love with the trees and all the flora and fauna associated with it. When ever I am able I go walking on the gorgeous well kept trails and pathways on the East Coast. They are truly a National treasure and deserve protection and recognition, for they are unique in the world and irreplacable in one lifetime. Some Mother trees may be up to 1000 years in age and scientist/biologists are only just beginning to wake the public up to their enormous importance in the role of biodiversity and health for the overall planet, as well as the amazing 'Intelligence' of trees. Yes, they communicate through fungi mycorrhizalroot systems and together play an important role in a symbiotic relationship trading nutritional values from the soil and sun with each other, and overall keep the soils and the forest of junior trees, healthy and balanced. 

Tree's are the 'Mother" of all of mankind in the sense that they have nurtured us through time, attracting life giving rain, providing oxygen, giving us warmth (fire ) when we need it, shelter from the elements, tools to make and use, and fruits to eat, medicine if we are aware of it, and even lend a wise ear to our commiserations in times of trouble. They are truly more than worthy of the description "friend" in every way. In fact without them, we humans could not exist.

They are quite remarkable beings. May we, in turn, be humbly grateful for the trees on our planet, especially the rainforest, which is a sort of biodiverse supermarket among forests - as well as being a rain attractant!

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Collection by : Lynn De Lacey

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