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Description : None

NRN # : 000-39533-0141-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 76.00 cm X Width - 76.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Resin

Genre : Abstract

Status : Not Currently for Sale Online

Copyright : © Colin Kreskas


Not Currently for Sale Online

Colin kreskas ( COLE.K ) is a self taught artist with a long standing interest in light,colour and form. He brings a mature sense of perspective to a body of work, distinguished by its variety and keen observation of the familiar. whether it be a busy street scene with its impressionistic energy, a still view of buildings or a abstract, he explores them all tthrough the medium of oil using colour with great energy and flair.

The acrylic and resin work explores the rich possibilities of the medium. Allowing the paint to find its own pathway it celebrates both the control of the artist and the capacity to allow the medium to find its own form resulting in a dynamic and striking abstact form. The work invites you to refect and enter into its vortex..a lyrical colour rich work that both challenges, soothes and reflects the artist's increasing interst and mastery of the material.

The current work by Colin kreskas, using acrylic and resin, he has tapped into the spiritual realm around all of us, that had inadvertantly effected him personally at one time in a profound way. From a time shrouded by darkness then released by light. The paintings in this series encompass an ethereal world, hidden to the natural eye and exposes the three dimensional matrix and what lies beneath the veil. The images captured here reveal many hidden secrets that lay dormant within the husk of humanity. Uncovering one of the greatest mysteries that only the spirit can reveal through the abstract work found in these revealing images as presented here in this unique medium.