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Still Life Oil Painting - Colored Diversity

Description : I named this still life painting of three capsicums, "Colored diversity". In every day life we hear a lot about cultural and ethnic diversity and racism based on prejudice simply because of a person having a different skin color then yours. This is utterly stupid when you think deeply about it as we as humans are all coming from the same species. Different skin color is a result of living in different environmental conditions and has nothing to do with anything else. Variety in nature strengthens the species and not weakens it.

The painting is in oils and was painted on very fine Belgian linen.

This painting is UNFRAMED

This painting is varnished for protection.

Artworks by Christopher Vidal are found in private and corporate collection in Australia and Internationally.

Copyright Christopher Vidal (2017)
I have a copyright on this original painting so it may not be copied in any way however original artwork can be resold.

NRN # : 000-2379-0225-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 20.00 cm X Width - 30.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Oil on Canvas Board

Genre : Still Life

Status : For Sale


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Copyright : © Christopher Vidal


Framed: $295
Un-Framed: $250
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Christopher Vidal is a landscape artist born in Malta and living in Sydney since 2009. As from childhood, Chris developed an interest in art and for two years he attended art classes to develop skills in drawing and watercolour.

After a career in medical research, Christopher is now developing and focusing on his artistic skills. His inspirations come from nature and the various wild habitats of the Australian landscape.

What Chris says about his art?

"When I started painting I started observing and appreciating more what is all around me, even the simplest things that are taken foregranted in everyday life.

I am inspired by the beautiful and dramatic colours created when light at sunrise or sunset hits mountains, trees, oceans or clouds. I am also inspired by the sounds of the singing birds at sunrise and the sounds of the waves and winds on the ocean.

I want to create art and through it I want to share my experiences of the places they may never been able to visit and see for themselves"

As a professional artist I also give importance to the quality of materials that I use to create my work. To ensure this I take care of most of the processes myself including preparation of canvas with the best quality materials available. The choice of pigments that I use for my work is based upon their permanence and are sourced from manufacturers that use high quality pigments without the addition of fillers or driers. This will guarantee minimal changes in colour over the years. I adhere to traditional methods of painting in oils and avoid the use of modern media in my work.

For more information on how to purchase or commission Chris please call 0451140695

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