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Universal Wisdom

Description : 2016, 20x25.5cm. Enamel, Gesso and oil paint on board.

NRN # : 000-37029-0146-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 20.00 cm X Width - 25.50 cm )

Medium on Base : Mixed Media on Hardwood

Genre : Animals

Status : Sold


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Copyright : © Christine Morton


Christine Morton
Born: Australia
Postal Address:
17 Sussex St., Seaholme, Victoria, 3018
Contact Details:
Mobile: +61 (0)411 955 215
 Artistic Practice
I am a member of the Creative Spaces artistic community, with my studio based at River Studios in West Melbourne.  This is a fantastic City of Melbourne initiative, providing affordable studio spaces for artists close to the CBD                       

I completed my more formal art studies at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University’s School of Art in 2014.  Having had all of my notions of myself and my art thoroughly challenged (in a positive way!), I am now working as an independent practicing artist.
I am primarily a painter / printmaker, but at times I work across multiple mediums, letting the realisation of my idea dictate the best material to use.  I love to experiment with materials such as encausic medium, glass and wood, and have recently been using old found science bottles and fur to explore concepts of the loss of natural habitat and pressure on animal species.  This work has been in close connection to my April 2016 solo show titled 'Zoetic' which included a series of paintings of endangered animals inside jars and bottles, along with an installation of actual bottles filled with fur, held at the Brunswick Stree Gallery, Fitzroy. 

I also work collaboratively with fellow artists from my years at VCA and hope to succeed in a proposal for a group exhibition later in 2016 or early 2017.   These works will be conceptual and collaborative around the theme of skin and it's many connotations.  I will update you when I know more!  
Artist Statement

Most often, my work reflects my passion for animal conservation, reflecting both the astounding diversity and power of the animal world and my deep concern and respect for it. 

I am intrigued and perplexed by the polemic beauty of manmade objects and restrictions alongside untamed natural animal world.  The glass bottles and jars I often use are evocative of our manic drive to possess all that we see while choking diversity and our atmosphere with our circular quest of bigger, better, faster.  The open vessel also represents hope, buoyed by local and international preservation efforts and breeding programs that act to slow the tide of extinctions.

My practice is an outlet for exploring these inherent tensions and frustrations while indulging in the close observation required in the rendering of animal subjects. The work aims to hold your gaze, albeit potentially uncomfortably, to inspire reflection and questions around personal responsibility and appreciation for the animal wonders of the world, rather than being simply bleak or didactic about the future.

No matter where my practice has taken me to date, I find myself inevitably drawn back to this topic, which is core to my personal values.

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