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Porongurup Walk

Description : This absolutely unique artwork, one of my “Nature Walks” series was inspired by a delightful morning on a trail in the beautiful Porongurup National Park one Christmas Day.

Slowing down and really becoming part of nature has always been my way of regeneration - I talk about listening to the sounds of silence but in reality you get such a heightened awareness of all your senses in the stillness. I found it quite mystical being amongst the massive ancient granite domes and the tall trees of the lush forest with the bark they had shed curled up on the ground. Weird and mysterious shapes loomed out of the thick undergrowth. You could really feel the ancient spirits everywhere, silently watching and protecting their world ... 61 x 51cm (24 x 20 inches) acrylic-based mixed media / collage painting on gallery wrapped canvas includes leaves, feathers, bark, fragments of painted paper and silk. Free freight in Australia.

NRN # : 000-43822-0140-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 61.00 cm X Width - 51.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Mixed Media on Canvas

Genre : Contemporary

Status : For Sale

Copyright : © Christine (chris) Marshall


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I took up on January 1, 2000 as my New Year's resolution for the new millennium and it was a totally life-changing experience. I have worked in Information Technology for many years which tends to be rather left-brained so I tend to go for a complete contrast with my art. Since 2004 I have been mixing my media even further by doing digital art.

! was involved with management of a local Community Arts Centre and Gallery for 20 years (while still doing a bit of IT work). In January 2021 I retired from that allowing me to focus on my own art which had taken a back seat for several years.

I'm an expressive mixed-media artist, intuitively creating art straight from my soul. Most of the artworks that I exhibit and sell are abstract (or semi-abstract) acrylic or mixed media/collage paintings or prints of my digital art.

I love organic markmaking, colour, texture and observing the world around me. I have fun with my art, love to experiment and let my art flow from deep within me so every artwork is absolutely unique with something of me in it. I enjoy mixing my media whilst recycling everyday “stuff”, creating "something" out of "nothing". I see my digital art as an extension of my mixed-media which brings together different strands of my life (IT background and passion for art and photography).

Although I choose to create abstract art, I am totally in awe of nature as an artist/sculptor and “see” it as layered mixed-media. My photograper husband and  I enjoy travelling and becoming part of nature; I love to observe, photograph and/or sketch things that catch my eye. I am looking for their essence, what was it about them that caught my eye in the first place, how they got to look like that. All these observations inform my markmaking and the eventual look of my artworks. My semi-abstract artworks are mainly inspired by nature but other works are pure abstracts. I'm always intrigued by nature's processes and how they shape the landscape; I seek to interpret them rather than portray a scene.

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2001 onwards - Numerous art shows and group exhibitions throughout Western Australia

   Solo exhibition at Ngala Family Resource Centre

           Joint Exhibitions in Jakarta and Bogor - "Friendship Through Art”
Solo Exhibition "Figure It Out", Atwell Gallery

2004   Collective Exhibition at GaleriaZero, Barcelona "About Painting and Pixels"
Group exhibition "Utopia – Artists Working Towards a Better World", Fremantle

           Group Exhibition “Snap To Grid” – Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art

          4 Artists exhibition at Aspro Cottage, Araluen Botanic Park

          Group exhibition “The Two Rivers Project” at Heathcote Museum & Gallery organised/curated by myself and Debra Scidone

          Alfred Cove Art Society “Different Strokes” Old Royal George Gallery, East Fremantle

2006  Digital Art displayed in group exhibitions in Germany, UK, Ecuador, Argentina & USA

         “Different Perspectives” at Gallery 101, The WA Club with the other Heathcote Studio Artists

         Joint Exhibition with Lori Spencer-Neuzerling at Aspro Cottage, Araluen Botanic Park
          Group Exhibition “Snap To Grid” – Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art

2007  1st International Festival of Nanoart, Kotka, Finland

          “Climate Change – The Impact” – Webist group exhibition – online exhibition (Germany based), real-life exhibitions in Durango, Colorado, USA and Toronto, Canada

         Group Exhibition “Snap To Grid” – Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art
         “Gerhard Hoberth & Webism – A Global Movement”, Wasserburg Am Inn, Germany

2010 The Artist’s Landscape” invited artists curated by Laurie Cochrane

         "Trio” with Mary Thomas and Debra Scidone at Atwell Gallery

2011Mandjar Blues” collaborative exhibition with Debra Scidone at the Alcoa Mandurah Performing Arts Centre Art Gallery

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