Artist Bio: Christine ( Chris ) Marshall

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Artist Blog - Christine ( Chris ) Marshall

18-Jul-23 You can now browse my artwork in Collections eg small paintings (up to 30cm)

Hi there, Chris here. Thanks for stopping by.

I've been busy working on my Gallery247 portfolio to make it easier for you to view my artworks grouped in the way that I think about them. So now I'm excited to invite you to browse my 7 themed collections eg Shaped by Nature, Nature Walks, Abstracts. I've also setup a collection of small paintings where the longest side is 30cm.

I'd love you to check them out and if you have any questions or feedback you are welcome to contact me.


Chris M



28-Jul-23 My award-winning painting Wetland Morning now for sale (unframed) on Gallery247

After much procrastination, I've decided to offer "Wetland Morning" for sale on this site, but without it's current frame which we think is just is too fragile to freight.

It's an absolutely unique acrylic-based mixed media / collage on a half sheet of 638gsm watercolour paper (from our personal collection) which has won awards at 2 different art shows. 38.5 x 58cm unframed (currently floated under glass in a white frame, 63.5 x 86 x 3cm).

It's a semi-abstract landscape inspired by mystical early morning walks along nature trails in the wetlands. "A still, misty early morning walk heralds the beginning of a new day on the wetlands ...".  It may help to squint a little to get the full impression. I've always loved it as it is so atmospheric and evokes memories of looking across the samphire, over all sorts of things caught up in the tidal mudflats, with indistinct patches of water and fuzzy, stunted trees in the distance. You may relate to the magic of the stillness and heightened sense of awareness of the sounds of nature you feel on such a walk.

This artwork is now for sale on this site but UNFRAMED only as it is just not feasible to freight it under glass. We will just take it out of the frame (but leave the deep matting structure on it) and you will need to get it reframed your end (I have reduced the price by $300 for the inconvenience). In my gallery listing I have included images of it in a frame so you can see what it looks like now - just click on it's name to go to the listing.


And have you tried viewing my portfolio in collections yet? It's my preferred way as its allows me to arrange my artworks the way I think of them.

As always, I'm happy for you to contact me for more information.

Enjoy your weekend

Cheers, Chris M


01-Aug-23 I'd love these 2 expressive abstract paintings to stay together ...

For August, 2023 I'm featuring two expressive acrylic-based mixed media / collage paintings on 50.8cm (20 inch) square extra heavy linen canvases, "In The Zone" I and 2. Both feature fragments of paua (abalone) shell and dyed fish scales. I've also incorporated some hessian and a torn up completed cryptic crossword in the early layers.

I created these 2 intuitive abstracts side by side, using exactly the same materials and processes whilst letting each one evolve in its own way. I truly felt in the zone when I was working on them so that’s what I ended up calling them. I didn't consciously design them to be a diptych but looking at them now, I really feel they belong together and would look stunning displayed as a pair, height 50.8cms (20 inches) and total width 101.6cms (40 inches) plus about a 2cm gap between them.

If I sold them separately, each of these square 50.8 cm paintings would be $895 but as I'd so love them to stay together, I've priced the pair as though they were one large painting and, during my August feature, I'm taking an extra $150 off.  So if you love them like I do, don’t miss out on this extra discount. Click on their name to go to their page.

Do you have a spot for these absolutely unique expressive abstracts?

As always, I'm happy for you to contact me if you have any questions,

Cheers, Chris M



btw, you can now view my artwork in collections - it's my preferred way as its allows me to arrange my artworks the way I think of them.

16-Aug-23 FLASH SALE on this colourful abstract Birdwatching or Bird Watching?

FLASH SALE Don't miss out! $100 off (only until midnight WST, Friday 18-Aug-2023).

This joyful 18 inch (46cm) square acrylic on canvas painting has always been a bit of a fave ... so what do you think - should it be Birdwatching or Bird Watching? Hint - you may have to squint a little to see what I mean.


Chris M

ps click on title to see full details on Gallery247

26-Jun-23 For 5 DAYS ONLY - I'm having an EOFY SALE!!!

Hi there, Chris here,

Thought I'd test out a blog post to see what it looks like and, as it's something new for me, I'm celebrating with a few items in an End of Financial Year sale! This image here, "Over the Top" has a huge $200 off and a couple of smaller ones have $100 off so please take a look and I'm happy to answer any questions. Enjoy your day ...


Chris M

01-Jul-23 I do so love it when the sun comes out in Winter don't you?

It's a beautiful (but cold) sunny day in Perth today after a very wet June. I'm feeling much brighter so I've decided to feature my artwork "Today the Sun Came Out" for the month of July and to brighten up YOUR day, I've discounted it for the month as well.

It's an expressive acrylic-based mixed media / collage, inspired by nature and created straight from my soul.  76 x 61cm x 4cm (30 x 24 inch) heavy duty gallery wrapped canvas, blue painted edges, finished with 3 coats of satin varnish.

It was cold, wet and gloomy towards the end of last Winter and we were absolutely hanging out for Spring (we are such weather wimps!). I cheered myself up by preparing a working surface on a heavy-duty canvas, creating some early layers, pure abstract marks over collage elements.

Fast forward a couple of days and the sun was out; everything felt completely different and Spring-like. It's amazing what a difference the sun shining makes to your mood, your perception of your world and your circumstances (and to an artist's palette!) I'm always inspired by nature; I picked up this canvas again, feeling sunny and listening to the sounds of birds singing and insects buzzing. Suddenly all those yellows just took over and this bit of fantasy emerged!

Yellow is associated with sunshine, warmth, optimism, energy and positivity. Does sunshine change the way you feel?

This image was featured by the Gallery247 team in their March 22, 2023 mailout "The WOW factor - Modern Art - Bold and Expressive" (thanks G247 team 😊)

Enjoy your day ❤️ Chris M

31-Aug-2023 All artworks enquire only for now, happy to answer queries

Having  a Spring break ... 

Meanwhile here's a sneak peek at my latest painting PONDLIFE which I've just uploaded and included in my Inspired by Nature Collection

Cheers, Chris M 

01-Oct-2023 Back from our roadtrip!, 3 of my small paintings featured this month

We're just back from a very relaxing few weeks wandering around coastal areas north of Perth with no idea where we were going when we left home (other than to connect with nature and find some warmer weather!)

We covered over 5000 kms taking in the Midwest, Gascoyne and just got into the Pilbara finishing up near Exmouth on the Ningaloo Coast. We spent some delightful moments in several places just standing on the shore watching whales as they made their way south.

Now I'm looking forward to getting back in the studio but plan to do a big clean-up first. I've set some of my paintings back to "for sale online" and am reactivating my use of this platform.

During October I'm featuring 3 small experimental paintings at the top of my public gallery, with $20 off each one.

"Tidal Pool"

"Breaking Away"

"Thinking Erosion"

They're all 8x10 inches (or 20.32 x 25.4 cms) acrylic-based mixed-media / collage on gallery-wrapped canvases, 3cm deep with painted edges and finished with 3 coats of satin varnish. All are abstract or semi-abstract , inspired by nature (ie images or concepts in my head that I want to explore from our roadtrips).

I often use small canvases or boards to develop techniques that I might use in bigger works; if I'm happy with them as finished paintings I've recently started putting them up for sale. Click to see my current collection of small paintings (up to 30cm)

As always, I'm happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for reading - sending you colourful vibes


Chris M

09-Nov-23 It's Jacaranda time and my garden's a sea of mauve!

The trees are stunning at the moment and we've had some ferocious winds lately so there's fallen flowers everywhere; this month I'm featuring my 76 x 61 x 4cm acrylic on canvas painting Jacaranda Dreaming


This expressive acrylic painting was inspired by 2 huge jacaranda trees in our garden which are very speccy when they are in flower (right now!). In full bloom everything is a sea of mauve - the tree, my car which is parked underneath one, the nearby ground and other plants in the garden. Our red-stemmed yellow kangaroo paws below often seem as though they are reaching out and catching the flowers as they fall. It's not supposed to be a scene -- I'm conveying that "sea of mauve" feeling I get at this time of year.

The jacarandas have the most amazing big seed pods which sometimes break open and curl into fabulous organic shapes. I often use the stalks of the long leaves for markmaking and the seedpods to weigh things down when I'm painting outside. In fact I started this painting by fast sketching with a paint brush on the canvas as I twirled a curly opening jacaranda pod in my left hand!

When I was painting this I was thinking raw, organic, woody, a layered sea of mauve - like in the garden. It's not my usual palette but I enjoyed pushing myself out of my comfort zone!

So until the end of November I've got a special offer of $150 off this atmospheric abstract (just click on the name for more) - do you love jacaranda time as much as I do?

Shipping Included on ALL Artwork

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