Artist Bio: Cee Kay

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Artist Bio - Cee Kay

Hi, I' am a self taught Australian Artist, through my art I will take you on a visual journey of discovery and where my inspiration comes from in each piece of my artwork. A variation of Techniques and Layers are an inaugural part of the process while creating my art which I have prefected over the years to bring you a unique piece that will not only inspire you but will fill the special space and bring your home to life. 

I take pride in my art and ensure that each piece is of the highest quality when I present it to you. Over the  years I feel I have come a long way and Im proud of the pieces I create, Im especilly proud when I see my work go the their forever homes. I have works on show in Nottingham UK as well as the USA which have been very successful for me.

Please feel free to follow my journey through my art, where you could acquire your very own piece of Cee Kay Art.


My Influences

My influences come from the the positives I have experienced in life, the life I have lived and life it's self. Also I 'am influenced by the fact that I believe my art is unique and pleasing to the market, I keep going strong by the support network I have and the overwhelming feedback Ihave received over the years from clients, colleagues, other artists and my family. 

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