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No Me, No Tree

Description : “No Me, No Tree”...... These words rang true with me when I wanted to paint a Grey-headed Flying Fox and my research began.... With each painting I do so much research to try and understand the animal, who it is, what it eats, what place does it have in our world etc, I did not expect to find out the absolute importance of flying foxes (bats) in Australia. I see them fly over head in Melbourne in spring and summer in twilight in huge colonies on their way into the night, massive 1 meter wing span, they are truly amazing to watch. With the wildfires of 2019-2020 in Australia the flying foxes have been seriously affected. With the soaring heat and wildfires there was a huge loss of bats. Bats are moving closer to residential to look for food as their forests are destroyed. Deforestation, drought and bushfires to name a few. As the bats live in colonies like a family they sleep in the day and in the evening and night they go hunting for their food. They fly so far and so high that they are very effective at pollinating the forest when Australian natives are best night. Pollen can also stick to the fur on the bats bodies and as they crawl from flower to flower or tree to tree they pollinate the flowers and aid in the production of honey. The colonies seem to return to the same trees to sleep, like a home. With the bushfires many died as their homes are gone and their is no food, ultimate death for whole colonies! Flying foxes need somewhere to live and it is our best interest to help. If like the bees the bats become extinct we too will surly follow..... A sad but very interesting story and I wanted to depict it in my painting by a very detailed Grey-headed Flying fox holding on to a burning branch, symbolizing our wildfires and what they do and what we need to do to help, they are not pests they are our life we need bats to survive and they need us to help.

NRN # : 000-39715-0164-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 76.20 cm X Width - 50.80 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Genre : Contemporary

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     Catherine Barolo is a self taught artist living in Melbourne, Australia.  

Catherine has been drawing ever since she was little.  A quiet child who would draw for hours and hours escaping life in the 1970's suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

     Her paintings and stories were full of fairies, goblins and all types of animals, flowers and mythical creatures she would make up from her fantasy world she loved and imagined happened!


      Fast forward to 2022 and Catherine is happily married with 4 almost grown children and her dog Coco.  It has only been in the last two years Catherine has found time to concentrate on her art.  Catherine is a self taught artist and has exhibited her work in Melbourne and continues to sell her original paintings, prints and commissioned art through her website.  Catherine either works off her own photos or asks photographers permission to use their photos as reference.  Catherine loves to paint in acrylic and now teaching herself to paint digitally.  Each painting is carefully thought and planned out, subject, colour and composition to tell its unique story all in as much detail as she can.

                                                                                                                                              This is just the beginning...



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