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Description : Iris is a beauty and my inspiration for this painting was out walking one day taking a photograph of the most gorgeous purple iris flower. The shape of the iris petals reminded me of a beautiful cape with a high back and high sides that would suit a strong beautiful woman you see before you....

NRN # : 000-39715-0147-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 107.00 cm X Width - 82.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Contemporary

Status : Not Currently for Sale Online


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Copyright : © Catherine Barolo


 I am a self taught artist. I love our Australian wildlife and love to capture that in my paintings with acrylic, watercolour or lead pencil. Our wildlife, flora and fauna is so unique I want to capture that and show through my art. I am teaching myself how to paint on the iPad Pro, another way of being able to express with modern technology, which I find intriguing and fun. Trying to capture what comes to mind like nature, woman, children, fantasy and the whimsical that comes from dreams.

I was born in Adelaide and a pencil has never been far from reach.   I was always immersed in my art of fantasy, fairies and goblins I  rarely spoke!   In school art was the only subject I never skipped.

   By 17 yrs old I’d left Adelaide and found myself living on the tough streets of St. Kilda,  Melbourne.   I worked really hard to get off the streets and never look back.  At the age of 19 years old I was a mother and I was raising my son.   Odd jobs and being a single mother left no time for painting but a pencil and a scrap of paper were never far away.   I found myself always drawing women with amazing eyes some sad some happy but all intriguing.

   By 26 yrs old I had met my love and we married and by 34 years old I had two more sons.   2004 I invented the worlds first T-shirt maternity bra that sold nationally and internationally and won many major awards.   By 37 years old I had my fourth child my daughter and my company Didge Designs flourished for 10 years.  

   2012 everything crashed I lost my business due to rents and department stores replacing Australian bands with their own.  I watch my father die of a stroke all within six months,  I fell into a depressive state.   My husband children and close friends help me get through and I started reaching for the pencil again.

   2017 I started painting as my children are not little any more I feel I have the time.   My art now can tell my story I have never been to art school or lessons my art comes from my heart.  I love colour and shade of nature and the beauty of fantasy, combining what I see living in Melbourne the flora, fauna, birds and animals and the gorgeous people I meet along the way. 

  2019 and I’m 51 yrs old and I just entered the Archibald prize 2019 for the first time ever,  I wasn’t a finalist but the experience was wonderful.   Art is my passion and I find myself reaching for that pencil or paint every day! I continue to sell many of my artworks.  I love the idea knowing the joy I can bring through my art, and especially the conversation it may bring.....

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