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Organic Greys

Description : None

NRN # : 000-37411-0183-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 160.00 cm X Width - 110.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Abstract

Status : Not Currently for Sale Online

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Copyright : © Carole Rogers


Not Currently for Sale Online


A self taught artist, with a background in interior design and gallery experience.

Prior to moving to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, she operated galleries in both Melbourne and Ivanhoe over a period of nine years, where she had much opportunity to explore diversity in art.

Although sometimes working in pastel and water colour, on smaller scale traditional styles, most of her works are on large scale canvases in acrylics or oils.  Many of her paintings being commissioned works, designed specifically to compliment style and personality and over all enhance a space. Now she works mostly on abstracts inspired by water, it's colours and movement, what lies beneath, and also it's relationship to the land.   Other pieces she enjoys working on are abstract works inspired by nature's garden.

Over the past three years since returning to a favourite pastime, she has both exhibited and sold works at such art shows as Camberwell, Red Hill, Dromana, Flinders, Sorrento and Blairgowrie.  

2015 Flinders Art Show.  Awarded 2nd most major prize "A Taste of Wine" (an acrylic painting) judged by Robert Lindsay, Director of McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery.

2016 (BYS) Blairgowrie Easter Art Show, awarded "Best Acrylic" for Waterways, judged by John Cunningham, Director at McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery.  

2017 (BYS) Blairgowrie Easter Art Show, again awarded "Best Acrylic" for Rock Pools, a diptych.  Judged this time by Simon Lawrie, curator of McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery.

2018 Sorrento Art Show, three paintings sold.

Mornington Art Show, successful first involvement, with one painting sold.

Artshow: Flinders Art Show 2015
Title: Colour The Hill
Award: A Tast of Wine
Sponsor: Elgee Park
Prize: 750
Artshow: Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Easter Art Show 2017
Title: Rock Pools (diptych)
Award: Best acrylic painting
Sponsor: Godfrey
Title: Rock Pools (diptych)
Artshow: Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Easter Art Show
Title: Waterways
Award: Best Acrylic
Artshow: Mornington Art Show
Title: Winter
Award: Highly Commended
Artshow: Flinders Art Show
Award: Taste of Wine prize
Sponsor: Elgee Park
Prize: $750
Artshow: Flinders Art Show
Title: Autumnal
Award: A Taste of Wine prize
Sponsor: Elgee Park Winery
Prize: $750










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