Artist Bio: Carol Zsolt

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Artist Bio - Carol Zsolt

Born in Melbourne I have always had the dream of producing art. Working in the corporate world for over 30 years my passion has taken hold and even though part-time I am now doing what I love to do – create art.

My abstract canvases are rich in colour and texture, colours and textures blending into one another to produce a painting that it is unique in its own special way. Despite the look of serendipity I take time to control how the colours flow and form, resulting in the many affects that appear. I love to paint with an idea in my head and then seeing it come to life on the canvas, at times the painting morphs into something different and better than I could have imagined.

With each new painting I create it helps me imagine the next unique piece of art and it will develop into something special. Experimenting with different techniques and merging those techniques to create that original piece of art.

I have sold my pieces to private collectors both in Australia and Overseas. Working with clients to create customised pieces specifically for their needs in boutique BnBs and resort accommodation.

* If you live in Melbourne please contact me if you would like to see the paintings in person, at my studio or in your home. 
* If you would like more information or see more photos please contact me 
* I accept commissions, so if you like something but want in a different colour or size please contact me.