Artist Bio: Brianedmund Ray

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Artist Bio - Brianedmund Ray

I was born in Sale, Central Gippsland and raised on farms in the surrounding districts. At secondary school two subjects really stood out for me:art and tech drawing, so it was a natural step when I took up painting.After leaving school I have had a variety of jobs ,I have been a locksmith,glazier,house painter,managed two hardware shops one being my own,a handyman and also 2 years natioanal service and a stint in the army reserve. Over the years I have won many awards and had one solo exhibition. In 2013, 12 of my paintings were selected and published in Artists Palette [international] magazine with an insight and painting demonstration, and one of my paintings on the front cover.

I am a member of the Sale Gallery art group and the Bairnsdale Art society. My main medium is acrylic, but I use water colour as well, and complete commissions across a broad spectrum of subjects. Artists I have a great admiration for are Sir Arthur Streeton, Robert Ingpen and W A D Brodie. My goal is to bring life and emotion into my art.

My Influences

The influences for my paintings are many and varied,but mostly I like to paint people I know and places that are around my area. The painting of Evelyn is my mum when she turned 100, the painting of Katherine is of my wife, and also the one "Reading in the garden".Other paintings of the shearing sheds, Fire Season at Dutson","Johnson's farm house" and "Shearing the young rams" are all from a relative's farm. The two paintings "The good Old days" and "Rusty waiting for restoration" are based on an old car we had on my parents farm which was a 1926 Dodge ute. Sometimes I see something and I just have to paint it which was the case for "Dargo cottage" and "Tractor shed and barn". I started those paintings pretty much as soon as I got home,I knew they would be good subjects for paintings, and "Camellias in the morning" ,I was walking in through my front gate one day and saw all these camellia flowers laying on the concrete from the tree next door, so I collected a few, set them up in my studio and painted them, but I just love old farm buildings, old derelict houses, old rusting cars. I suppose you would say, the true Australian landscape.

My Artshow Awards

Artshow: Carol Darby Art Prize
Title: Lady On A Red Stool
Award: Best Painting in Show 2015__2017
Artshow: Gippsland Show
Title: Lady On A Red Stool
Award: Best Painting in Show 2015
Artshow: Carol Darby Art Prize
Title: Katherine
Award: Best Painting in Show2017