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Strong Arms Usa No.01 2001 Series

Description : Artists Statement
September 11, 2001 has been engraved into the psyche of the human race. It's
a date that has inspired many actions by governments and individuals. Such turmoil can not erupt with out its effect reaching far into my artistic work. This series is driven out of the myriad of emotions that have ripped at us all since September 11. These five works constructed over four years encompass the shifts and changes along with capturing the courage of people to rising above adversity.
TV brought the images into Australian homes of the twin towers collapsing. A feeling of hopelessness was forged in my heart and a realization that strength would be needed by the people to deal with the immediate destruction. This is the starting point of the series, Strong Arm America.
As the dust settled and the loss of life was calculated the strength of the American people was being tested and enemies were sought and defined. Words like “evil must die echo around to construct the name for the enemy. Yet still the color blue shines through in the works representing the peaceful essence that all humanity wants. A black band can be found touching on the experience of mourning that has found its way through us all. The amalgamation of gold, silver and copper under the eagle is reflecting the inner strength of people as a richness beyond there capital wealth.
Gently surveying or with piercing presence the eagles eyes enter the space around it. It stands to protect the boundaries and thoughts of us all.
The steadiness of the eagle is mirrored in the placement of the dots, time mixed with control constructs the image. Color laid in tension or blend against each other. The dot is placed with thought of its interaction with the other dot next to it.
The last work in this series touches upon the strength of courage as friends of the fire man stand opposing each other. These Dalmatians bring this five piece serious to an end. This series reflects the massive fluctuations in my mind since September 11. I believe it begins with despair and goes through hopelessness to incredible courage and positivism in the world.
Strong arm USA No.01 2001. Acrylic on Canvas Paper, no't framed 50.8x40.5 cm, 134 Hours, painted with my rods. First in the series, the color through these five works is deliberately chosen to give significance to the issues and or the people.
Around the eagle we see an amalgamation of silver gold and copper echoing the richness of America its people and its structures. Black finds its way through all the works as it represents the mourning felt with such destruction and death. The people have rallied together to support. The grand American eagle sits and gives out strength during the crises. This painting in the USA Fan Art Review Gallery, get Six Star Blue Ribbon Recognized and All Time Best Status. Thanks to reviewing. Lucky9763

NRN # : 000-36069-0174-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 50.80 cm X Width - 40.50 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Humanity

Status : For Sale


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Copyright : © Attila Erdei


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Start art in my young edge, I'm interested all art and art style, and love taking photos. I was drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery but I stopt. I started over 20 years ago art again, deep down inside me the love for arts was still a life, start doing digital (computer) art and photography, but after I was going back to the traditional painting what is take me to my style, I'm doing today. I painting with acrylic, I find the style and techniques I love, on my paintings I using all different size little rods. The style call pointillism, but all artist with this style using paintbrush. Very time taking, because I using the little stick (rod), must make the paint thicker so can stick on the rod, one deep in the paint can make one or maximum two point or dot. When my painting finish have a very nice textures, all the points and dots (thousands) placing top of one of the another. With respect all the artist use this style, like work of Georges Seurat, he is the artist most closly associated with the movement. Artist by movement of Pointillism, Camille Pissarro, Geatano Previati, Angelo Morbelli, Charles Angrand. All in started the 18 sanctuary, the style vanished because very time taking not many artist using today. I like showing my works, never showing to publick before, all my friend and family telling, I must showing don't keeping in the cabet, first time started two year ago in the USA, the Fan Art Review Gallery, and ower one year ago here in Gallery 247. I hope some one liked. Thank you Lucky9763

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