Art Shows for Schools


Introducing Art Shows for Schools. A progressive approach to effective fund raising specially designed for schools. 


Why Fund Raising?

In today's environment all schools are in need of those extra dollars be it for sporting equipment, educational tools, essential maintenance, whatever the need, extra funding is a requirement. Running a major school event can be the vehicle used to deliver serious dollars.


Why an Art Show?

People just love going to Art Shows and when the art show embraces fine art plus sculptures, jewellery and ceramics there is interest for the wider community.

The Art Show becomes an annual event that can be enthusiastically supported by the whole school community.


Getting Started


What are the benefits for the School?


What do we bring to your Art Show event?


First is our experience with a large number of successful Art Shows, since 2012. Our management system has been developed over a number of years with hands on involvement.


Your Online Dashboard


 Manage Your Art Show 


Today we have over 20 000 registered Artists and a growing data base of Art Lovers.

We have covered every aspect of running a successful Art Show that include:


What does the School need to do?

Physical Art Show

Schools usually have the distinct advantage of already having a venue in which to hold the event, where no external costs are incurred.


Virtual Art Show

Introducing Virtual Art Shows, Now you don't even need a physical space to run an art show. It is all done online.... only one thing is needed


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Will your Art Show be a success?


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Shipping Included on ALL Artwork

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