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West Torrens Art Prize 2020
The West Torrens Auditorium Gallery

Paintings, photographs, mixed media and digital artworks exploring this theme are sought in 2019 for the West Torrens Art Prize.

The aim of the West Torrens Art Prize is to encourage South Australian residents aged 16 years and over to create an artwork that is reflective of 'Migration: Arrivals and Departures', with West Torrens being the home of modern day arrivals and departures via the Adelaide Airport. 

Location: The West Torrens Auditorium Gallery
1 Brooker Terrace
Hilton SA 5033

Dates Open: 06-Jun-2020 Until 31-Dec-2020

Website: http://www.westtorrensartprize.com.au/

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Anthropocene, The Age of Humans by photographer Lilli WatersCuratorial and Co

Photographer Lilli Waters will unveil her latest exhibition Anthropocene, The Age of Humans in a virtual exhibition via Curatorial & Co from 9th June. The series challenges the marble skin figure of the female form against eerie post apocalyptic landscapes.

Waters used for the first time the delicate and feminine lace, this along with the models veil like hair allowed the challenge of the stereotypical notions of the female to be explored. Editing the raw images in isolation at the beginning of the uncertainly of pandemic made for darker images that captured fear and grief along with feminine power.

Anthropocene, The Age of Humans exhibition will run from June 9th online and by appointment via Curatorial & Co.

Dates Open: 09-Jun-2020 Until 09-Aug-2020

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Shelter DomesticsGallery Lane Cove

Turning gendered semiotics and the genre works of domestic settings on its head, 'Shelter Domestics' examines the pandemic lockdown situation of home life brought about by COVID-19, where boundaries of the private and the public are blurred and at times, interchanged. It asks questions about the new politics of home as a place of confinement, refuge, work and play and the tensions that arise from these conflicting functions. Featuring the works of twenty-six artists across a range of mediums from twelve countries, 'Shelter Domestics' captures the uncertain present and serves as a vivid documentation of a significant moment in history.'Shelter Domestics' is the final instalment of a suite of three online exhibitions by Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios. The gallery's first online exhibition of international and local artists, 'Shelter Domestics' is presented in two formats - an online image gallery and a 3D Virtual Reality exhibition space. Both galleries are on view till 31 August on the Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios website.

Dates Open: 12-Jun-2020 Until 31-Aug-2020

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Beauty of Australiahealesvillefineart

I like to show people the beauty of Australia.I paint The High Country of Victoria, the lush forests ,our beaches,the character of gum trees, the list is endless as I represent a huge variety subjects.

Dates Open: 24-Jul-2020 Until 24-Jul-2020

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Celestial StardustThe Concetta Antico GalleryThe Grand Opening of Tooraloo’s Fine Art Gallery & home of visionary artist and owner, Concetta Antico!\r\n\r\nInspired by the universe, galaxies and infinite possibilities, Celestial Stardust will be its first exhibition and soiree, and the first time in almost a year that Concetta will release new artworks.\r\n\r\nVisitors can expect to see up to 16 brand new,\r\ncosmic-inspired oil paintings, alongside some of her signature peacock imagery, known for her unexpected use of colour, with an Impressionist lean.

Dates Open: 01-Aug-2020 Until 05-Sep-2020

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Oopen For DiscussionRed Gallery

This show is a multimedia show of objects focusing on important social issues. I wish to invite viewers to discuss the controversial topics that are covered

Dates Open: 30-Sep-2020 Until 18-Oct-2020

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Carlingford Community Art ShowOnline

This is a new venture for the Rotary Club of Carlingford, inspired by the success of other Rotary clubs who are using your platform. At this stage we envisage having competition categories of schools, adults, perhaps disabled and / or indigenous artworks.

Dates Open: 02-Oct-2020 Until 17-Oct-2020

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Twin Rivers Lions Art Show

Funds raised by the Twin Rivers Lions Art Show are totally used for a variety of Community Projects. In giving Amateur and Professional Artists the opportunity to present their work in this important event, funds generated are utilised for the benefit of the community.

Location: VIRTUAL

Dates Open: 02-Oct-2020 Until 02-Nov-2020

Website: https://twinriverslionsartshow.com.au/

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Australian Watercolour Muster 2020
Emporium Hotel South Bank

The ‘Australian Watercolour Muster’ is designed to give Australian Artists a broader platform to showcase our Artwork to the World, to create opportunities to interact with each other and international markets, and to share/exchange studios and exhibit where possible in this World

‘Submission’ of Work by Australian Watercolour Artists to this Australian Watercolour Muster, is also the way to be part of the annual selection process for FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy an amazing Meetup of over 86 Countries, and an opportunity to showcase your Artwork internationally.

Location: Emporium Hotel South Bank
267 Grey Street
South Brisbane QLD 4101

Dates Open: 05-Oct-2020 Until 21-Nov-2020

Website: https://australianwatercolourmuster.com/

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Linden Postcard Show 2020
Linden House

Location: Linden House
26 Acland Street
St Kilda VIC 3182

Dates Open: 22-Nov-2020 Until 08-Feb-2021

Website: http://lindenpostcardshow.com.au/

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