Artist Bio: Anna Demertzidis

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Artist Bio - Anna Demertzidis

Hi my name is Anna Demertzidis.

Creativity opens up the mind to endless possibilities. My most recent art pieces relate to photos I have taken in my journeys abroad or seen in different parts of the world that I have traveled to, including London, Venice, Greece, France and Melbourne. Bringing those memories to life is most rewarding.

History, and cultures relate to so many people therefore I want to impact and evoke a feeling that is personal for each and every viewer. Art has the power to draw in the viewer and for them to create their own story and relationships to the painting. I would like to invite the viewer to imagine their own interpretation of the painting and evoke a pleasant and unique feeling for each individual.

I paint Places that have an impact on my emotions or that create a feeling or mood within me. I like to photograph and document them in my rendition through art. I paint to tell my story through my eyes. I want to translate my feelings and connection to the place I’m painting.

I am a hobby artist and have been painting with pallet knives for one and a half years now using acrylic paints. Painting allows my creativity to be put on canvas and allows me to tell a story through my eyes. I’m constantly learning and still taking painting classes to enhance my techniques.