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Life Giving Water

Description : I met a man who offered me a drink though He was not carrying any water. How did he know that my soul was so parched and dry, in desperate need of refreshing? He goes on to tell of this "Living Water", water so quenching I will never thirst again; a water that if I drink it will become in me a spring, welling up to eternal life. I ask Him where I can get this 'Living Water', and He tells me all I need to do is trust and believe in Him, that It doesn't matter what I have done in the past, I don't need to work for it, I don't need to pay for it, it's His perfect gift to me. How could I resist? What do I have to lose? I hold out my hands in prayer, and as I give my life to Him, He pours out His Spirit on me. There is so much available I cannot contain it. It feels like I have found the greatest treasure of all, the purest of pure, it burns without burning yet at the same time makes me white as snow. I feel it overflowing through my hands and it's never-ending. I taste it and experience for the first time its life giving qualities and transforming power, working through my system, permeating every cell and sinew. Its then I realize that I am free from the burden to strive to fill the empty well inside me. For that freedom only comes from being filled by the spring of life, the Holy Spirit, and I know now that I will never thirst again. Please read John 4:1-26

NRN # : 000-2460-0146-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 100.00 cm X Width - 80.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Pastel on Paper

Genre : Religious

Status : For Sale

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Copyright : © Angela Joy Cutting


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Hello and thank you for your interest in my artwork.

I have been overwhelmed with the compliments and messages from people when I upload my work, very humbling

Drawing is something I have always loved to do but it is only now that I have been able to focus more on this gift from God and really appreciate what I have and how it can bless those who see it.

I believe sometimes we simply miss the beauty and detail in creation which I try to express through all of the work I do. I hope you like what you have seen.

Thank you again and Praise God..... Enjoy!

 Angela J Cutting

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