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Gallery 247's free membership for artists is the quickest way of getting your art work and yourself instantly published where it really matters - on line, where the rest of the world can find out about you and your talents.

As a registered artist with Gallery 247 you receive a wealth of important benefits, which include:

Yes.gif Subscription to "Impressions", your information newsletter about what’s happening in your art world
Yes.gif Alerts about what art shows and other opportunities to show and sell your work are coming up
Yes.gif Members-only access to special offers
Yes.gif Personal online gallery with storage space for up to approximately 4000 photographs of your work
Yes.gif High search engine visibility – lets art lovers search for your work and your name on Google
Yes.gif User definable keywords and tags for each work of art, so that art lovers can find your work fast
Yes.gif Search within Gallery 247, based on your name, work title, genre, medium, subject matter, dominant colours, user-defined keyword tags
Yes.gif Automatic registration of all works in the National Registry of Australian Art and Artists
Yes.gif Unique National Registration Number and certified label for each work
Yes.gif Your own web address (
Yes.gif Update your personal and professional information at any time
Yes.gif One-click entry to an ever-increasing number of participating art shows
Yes.gif Permanently archive your works securely on line
Yes.gif Daily backup of all your images and associated information
Yes.gif Receive instant notification when your work is sold in a show
Yes.gif Receive instant notification when work you've entered into a show has been accepted for display

You can upgrade your free membership at any time to receive even more benefits and services through Gallery 247.

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