Membership Pricing

This pricing applies to paid grades of membership.  All of the great services of free membership are provided.

  ColHeadBasic.gif ColHeadClassic.gif ColHeadClassicPlus.gif ColHeadUltimate.gif
Weekly subscription, payable monthly in advance by direct debit [Amount payable per month] $2.42
Once-only set-up charge (including website construction where applicable). $55.00 $264.00 $528.00 $1430.00
Commission payable - see notes 3 and 4. This does not apply to sales occurring at an art show - see note 5 25% 15% 10% 7.5%
Transaction fees NIL NIL NIL NIL
First 500MB of archive space.  This provides secure archiving for approximately 1000 - 5000 high quality images.  Includes an equal amount of automatic backup space. NIL NIL NIL NIL
Additional storage space per 1000MB block, per week.  Includes an equal amount of automatic backup space. [Amount payable per month] $6.19
Upgrade to Classic membership $209.00 n/a n/a n/a
Upgrade to Classic+ Membership $473.00 $264.00 n/a n/a
Upgrade to Ultimate membership $1375.00 $1166.00 $902.00 n/a


  1. All prices are shown in Australian Dollars, and include GST.
  2. Art show entry and submission fees are payable at the time you enter the show concerned, and vary depending on the event itself.
  3. Commissions due to direct online sales will have commissions deducted prior to remittance being made to you.
  4. Commissions payable on works sold at the show in which you have entered depend on the show itself, and do not appliy to Gallery 247.
  5. Monthly fees are payable by your standing authority for credit card payment or direct debit from your bank account.
  6. Where you are unable to provide credit card or bank direct debit authorisation, you may pay annually in advance by direct deposit or cheque.  Your service will not be activated until payment has cleared.
  7. Please refer to our Standard Terms and Conditions for additional information.

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